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2015 West Rock Authors Academy Playground Project

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Current Projects

West Rock Author's Academy Playground Project


West Rock Author's Academy is a Pre-K - 4th Grade Magnet School with advanced writing and computer skills programs but is seriously lacking in good physical fitness programs and equipment.  The school has recently invested in new staff and new programs geared towards improving the health and fitness of it's students.

Students at the school often remain at the facility for 10 hours (significantly longer than a typical school day) and a new play/ fitness facility will be of greater benefit to these children..  The school's existing small and broken playground is not age appropriate and is currently blocked with caution tape to discourage students from playing on it.

In addition to the significant impact that adequate play facilities will have for these students, West Rock is situated amount a large group of housing projects that house many children and families who do not have access to other play facilities.  The vision for this playground is that it benefits all children in the community.

The Foundation has pledged $15,000 to support the project.  

training to run100 Miles to raise funds for the Cindy Lynn Sherwin Memorial Playground at West Rock Young Author's

Hi, I'm Jessica DaSilva and I am training to run 100 miles to raise funds to build the CIndy Lynn Sherwin Memorial Playground at West Rock Author's Academy.  Follow my training for this exciting event by reading my blog posts below or visit my blog.