Cindy Lynn Sherwin Memorial Foundation


Cindy's story


Cindy Lynn Sherwin

Cindy Lynn Sherwin died of an aneurysm at the age of 33 while training for her first Ironman Competition to be held in Lake Placid, NY.  A personal

trainer, nutritionist and educator, Cindy was passionate about fitness, well-being and healthy living.  She was educated at the Univeristy of Michigan, receiving a BS in Movement Science, and at Columbia University, receiving a Masters Degree in both Applied Physiology and Nutrition Eduction.

Her objectives were to help all people live healthier lives through fitness and nutrition, and as a result, become more satisfied both physically and emotionally.  According to the hundreds of people that she touched, she accomplished these objectives, through her professional, social and volunteer efforts.

To maintain activities that promote Cindy's objections and passions, her family and friends have established the Cindy Lynn Sherwin Memorial Foundation.

About Cindy

Cindy spent her life promoting the concept of personal wellness through the combination of proper exercise and sound nutrition, two areas in which she was eminently qualified by virtue of her education, training and experience.  Cindy was not simply a teacher, she had an uncanny ability to inspire people to set challenging new goals for themselves and help them reach these goals. Her passion was to enable people to achieve a new level of self-esteem and a lifetime of healthy living.

Our Mission

The Mission of The Foundation 

The Cindy Lynn Sherwin Memorial Foundation has been established to continue Cindy's work.  Specifically, The Foundation will identify and support programs at all levels that promote wellness, encourage physical fitness and teach the principals of sound nutrition.


Examples of Not-For-Profit Organizations & Projects Supported By The Foundation

Example of not-for-profit organizations and projects that the Foundation will support include: 

  • Organizations that teach and promote the benefits of sound nutrition
  • Programs involved in childhood obesity research
  • Charities that support research in wellness medicine
  • Charities that provide fitness activites for under-privileged children

Specific examples include:

  • Team for Kids (New York Road Runner Foundation)
  • Girls on the Run International
  • Fun Run for Kids - New Haven Road Race Foundation
  • Community service projects that promote health and wellness